Joining hands, hearts and resources.

GOSOJI (subsidiary of HFam Enterprise) aspires to transform leaders to transform the world by inspiring and helping people who are committed to serving others through nonprofits. We want to grow and expand our organization so that we may help more individuals in the U.S. and abroad and bring more light to world.

Passionate people may be called to create a nonprofit because they want to help others. But the legal, business, marketing and fundraising requirements to start or run a nonprofit may feel daunting and impossible to implement. 

It can crush your dreams to provide aid and relief to people, our planet or our community. And your potential impact wouldn’t be reached. We want to assist you in achieving your dreams and making a difference.

Driven to support people who want to help others, SOJI was born out of necessity.


GO SOJI exists to provide education, implementation and mentorship programs that create a stress-free and streamlined experience for people starting or growing their nonprofits- so that they may thrive!


Gleaning for our own experiences of creating and managing nonprofits, we know what lies ahead and what the pitfalls are. We also know that it can be lonely and scary to go at it alone. Our caring team of experts guide you through the maze of managing your organization so that you can focus on your mission. 

hands hearts and resources

As your partner, it is our duty to direct you to success and be there for you every step of the way. We are here to transform leaders who will transform the world.