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Get immediate assistance to complete the Nonprofit 501(c)3 application process.



Where are you at in building your nonprofit?

We break down the confusing steps of starting an organization into manageable, understandable steps so they feel easy to implement.

Choose a name for your Nonprofit organization and check for the name 

availability. We can help with that...

Get your state incorporation. See what's required and let us create the necessary documents and file the paperwork with the state on your behalf. More info... 

Obtain an Employer Identification Number from the IRS for legal, banking, hiring, licensing and more...  

Complete the 501(c)3 application and get awarded your Nonprofit status. Find out if you qualify for the Express 501(c)3 application. 

Create fundraising efforts, donation campaigns, and grants. Develop branding and marketing. Invest in technology tools, volunteers, and more... 


We are ready to help you set a strong foundation.

1. Get Started

The first step is contacting us. It's that simple. Every step you take towards accomplishing your passion is significant. This first step opens up the door for help 

and resources that will see you through establishing your nonprofit. 

We are here for you and ready to receive your request for help and more information. Once we receive your contact information, we will reach out to you to introduce ourselves and start guiding you through the process. 

2. FREE Consultation

This is a FREE consultation with no commitment attached. We prefer a face -to-face meeting with all the of the decision-makers; however, we can also video conference, or phone conference. After completing the consultation, we will give you a quote for our services. All the information discussed will assist you whether or not you decide to work with us or not. 

Let's meet and discuss your nonprofit! We will discuss where you are currently at in establishing your nonprofit, the steps you will need to take, decisions you will need to make, costs involved, and estimated timelines. 

3. Submit Information

When you decide to move forward and pay the deposit (based on services rendered), we gather all necessary information from you to complete the required forms for your filing. 

This step is the most involved as we help you articulate the details of your nonprofit and develop the framework and foundation of your organization. Depending on your needs, this may include vision and mission statements, bylaws, funding sources, organization governance, and much more. Once the paperwork is completed, and it is approved by you, we will submit it. 

Now that all the work is done. The last step is simply awaiting the 501(c)3 approval from the IRS. You will be notified via mail once the determination is complete. 

4. Await Approval

We love to congratulate you and celebrate with you as you are now recognized as a nonprofit organization! 



Let us take care of the details.

*Above ALL INCLUSIVE pricing includes government & CA state fees.

*Above pricing does NOT include government fees.

*Above ALL INCLUSIVE pricing includes government & CA state fees.