Join hands together.

Attend a GO SOJI Collective and hear an introduction to who we are and what we do. Experience firsthand our nonprofit community. We gather people together who are pursuing their passion to change the world and unfolding the potential impact through developing nonprofit corporations. Come and receive important strategic information and mentorship opportunities to get started on your corporation.


In the new age of “social consciousness” nonprofit organizations are the connecting super highway that connects the gap between government, obtaining funding and the public need. Over the last 20 years nonprofit organizations have outpaced all other types of corporations by a large margin and that trend will continue well into the future. People say, “it is time to think outside of the box.” The truth is there is no box! Creating and connecting with other 501(c)3 nonprofit corporations is a movement to make a difference in our world.

Apr 30, 2018, 7:00 PM
The Joshua Center International Church
Connect PASSION, KINGDOM CULTURE & COMMUNITY through Nonprofits.
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Education and Resources.

We offer several workshops covering many topics to help individuals who are just starting to create an organization in Southern California. 


This is a hands-on workshop that is a vital part of receiving assistance with converting your passion into a nonprofit organization. As an emerging grassroots movement, you will also connect with others that are developing a community to succeed together.


  • Vital knowledge that will give you power to accomplish your passion

  • Nonprofit 501(c)3 Start-up Roadmap


This workshop is dedicated to nonprofit Board development topics including: 

  • Board Officer Position Descriptions

  • Grid for Planning Board Recruitment

  • Board Contracts

  • Board Meeting Minutes Outline samples

  • Board Meeting Agenda samples

  • Organizational Plan Outline


We are excited to offer this workshop with Gifford Claiborne. This is an opportunity to learn from a seasoned grassroots fundraising professional in a casual environment how to generate funding.

  • Articulate your message

  • Build a donor database

  • Create appeal letters

  • Secure monthly support


If you are looking for direction on how to find grants, understand the grant process and write a winning grant proposal, attend this workshop. We have been given an invaluable education from some of the leading experts in the grant writing journey. We cover:

  • What are grants? Where can you find them? Are they renewable?

  • Who issues grants? 

  • What do grants cover?

  • Review of the grant writing process steps

  • Best practices, pitfalls, typical selection criteria, importance of standing out

  • What happens after you win a grant? What expectations will the grantor have for your organization to report back on your success?



Grassroots Movement.

We host free Alumni Meet Ups to give each other advice, encouragement and learn how our alums are progressing in developing their nonprofit.

If you have attended a SOJI workshop, please join us for our Alumni Meet Ups!


Come learn from fellow nonprofit leaders and meet people who are on the same journey in following their passion to help others through nonprofit service. 

Stay tuned for the announcement of upcoming dates.