Church Compliance

In this complex legal landscape, pastors and ministry leaders are looking for trusted resources to help them gain the wisdom they need to lead their churches and ministries to legal compliance. You can gain the skills needed to lead your organization to greater compliance, with the resulting confidence that your legal house is in order.



The articles of incorporation give you a strong legal shield, ensuring your limited legal liability, and protecting you and your members. The GOSOJI Program helps create articles of incorporation* that reflect your vision and mission, give you the ability to license and ordain ministers of the gospel and that serve as the legal birth of your organization.



We obtain your personal Federal Employer Identification Number, and provide you with all of the information you need to open a church bank account, enabling you to take tax-deductible tithes and offerings. This number is used to identify your corporation and is needed for business and federal purposes. This number may also be known as a Tax ID Number.



Other than the Scriptures, the bylaws are the most important document in your church. The GOSOJI Program empowers you to select the bylaws* that protect your vision, your ministry, and your members, adopting the governmental structure that reflects your ministry structure and allowing the pastor's vision to be kept clear.



Many church leaders feel a desire to craft supporting policies but are overwhelmed at the process of developing the correct wording that will accurately develop such policies. With GOSOJI, we assist you in developing essential policies that help establish and protect your board of directors and those helping lead your ministry.


Tax-Exempt Status

We understand that planting a church can be a difficult journey, which is why we have made it very simple, secure, and affordable for every church to obtain tax-exempt status. We fill out the 501(c)(3) application with you, using the information that you give us, and we guarantee that you will be approved for your 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status or your money back.



Many ministers believe that they are only able to plant a church if they have either been ordained or licensed as ministers of the gospel. However, after establishing a church on a solid legal foundation, you can become ordained right through the very church you started. We provide all of the needed paperwork that empowers your ministry to ordain ministers, including the founder.

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